About Leadbury Bat Co

Established in 2017, Leadbury Bat Co. is a premium wood baseball bat manufacturer dedicated producing the strongest, safest, and most durable ash and maple baseball bats in the industry. Leadbury bats truly are Engineered to Outperform. Located in Walton Ontario, Leadbury Bat Co is owned and operated my Mitchell Godkin, a Huron County native, current mechanical engineering student at Western University and expert in kiln drying wood.

Engineered to Outperform

Leadbury bats are engineered to outperform; we achieve this by employing our three stage process, Method + Results + Analysis. Method: a combination of innovative manufacturing methods. Results: great on field performance, superior fracture mechanics, increased strength and flex, as well as unique aesthetics. Analysis: In depth live testing and engineering lab research at the University level to continually improve our product and complete the engineering design cycle. This process allows Leadbury Bat Co to push the limits of what was previously possible for wood baseball bats.  

Innovative Kiln-Drying Methods

Leadbury Bat Co has developed a proprietary kiln drying process unique to the baseball bat industry. This process does less damage to the internal grain structure of the wood and allows for precise control of moisture content in the wood when compared to conventional methods. Combining this process with the highest quality, hand split ash and maple sourced from the region yields a stronger bat with greater flex and more predictable, safer fracture mechanics.

Designed By Engineers

The science behind this process is the subject of a mechanical engineering thesis at Western University currently underway. The unique combination of engineering research and on field performance characteristics make Leadbury Bat Co a distinct player in the premium baseball bat market.

Manufactured In Southwestern Ontario

Leadbury Bat Co is dedicated to supporting the local economy and promoting small business in rural Ontario. With a name that harks back to the late 1800s when McKillop Township was first settled, Leadbury Bat Co gets its name from a ghost town located at the corner of County Rd 12 and Hullett-McKillop Rd in Huron County, just down the road from where Leadbury Bats are manufactured.   

Sustainability/Forestry Management 

All Leadbury Bats are crafted from locally sourced, premium ash and maple that is sustainably harvested to ensure the long-term health of our local forests. In partnership with a local logging company, our wood is harvested, split, dried, turned and finished in the region.