The Sweet Spot February 2018...Custom Series is Here!

The Sweet Spot February 2018…Custom Series is Here!

Welcome back to The Sweet Spot, a monthly update from the owner Mitchell Godkin! It’s February and we just went through a cold stretch of temperatures below minus 20 celsius here at the Leadbury shop, but things are heating up for the 2019 baseball season. Our Custom Series bats are officially launching at !

We are going to cover all the steps for placing an order for your Custom Series Leadbury bat. First up, you must select your model of choice from the Custom Series collection page. Vickers 243, Rockwell 271, Brinell 72, Barcol 141 and Bennett 110 are all available, as well as our Display Bat,  Fungo 643, Barcol 141 Youth and Rockwell 271 Youth models.

Once you select your model the builder will launch. Currently, you have the choice of maple or ash, with the addition of Birch coming in the spring. Check our FAQ page to help decide which is best for you. Maple bats receive gold chrome labels, and Ash bats receive silver chrome labels. This will appear live as you build you bat.

Next up, choose your colours. Any combination of 6 stains and 14 solid colours can be selected for the handle and barrel portions of your bat. Classic retro, bright and colourful, or perfectly matched to your team’s uniforms; anything is possible. If a colour is not available, shoot us an email and we can discuss adding it to our arsenal.

Now choose your size; with Custom Series we have added 32.5, 33.5, and 34.5 sizes to give players an even greater selection. In addition to more sizes, Custom Series also allows the player to specify their weight from -3 to +1 and either no cup, half cup or full cup to achieve the desired weight distribution.

Lastly, it’s time to personalize your Custom Series bat. Enter your player or team name in the box and watch it appear live on screen (desktop view only). Also included with the $30 upgrade is a player number for the knob end, not shown on screen. Personalization is optional, standard model labels will be fitted if you decide not to personalize your Custom Series bat.

Optional express production is also available, and we strive to meet or exceed production estimates on every order.  Please note that shipping times may vary depending on postage option selected. So please head on over and try out our new Custom Series bat builder. Use code CUSTOM15 at checkout for 15% off February 4 through 11.

Stand out on the field this season with a Custom Series bat from Leadbury Bat Co.