The Leadbury Clubhouse - Join Today!

The Leadbury Clubhouse -  Join Today!

Welcome to this week’s installment “From the Dugout”, coming to you from the middle of a blizzard sweeping across Mid-Western Ontario. At Leadbury we are always striving to create and maintain relationships with players, coaches, baseball fans and members of the baseball community. This week we are excited to announce the launch of The Leadbury Clubhouse, a new membership program to reward those who support the Leadbury brand, and continue to help it grow.

The Leadbury Clubhouse is free for anyone to join and runs on a points-based system, like many other e-commerce membership programs. By completing purchases, sharing links, and engaging on social media, members will accrue points they can redeem on future purchases. Furthermore, The Leadbury Clubhouse includes an exciting referral program to reward the advocate and the friend with discount codes for promoting Leadbury.

Leadbury has relied on the positive feedback from early adopters to promote the brand and we are very thankful for that. Our reputation as a premium wood bat manufacturer is growing everyday as a result. The Leadbury Clubhouse is an opportunity for those who buy into the brand and help it grow to be rewarded for jumping on board.

So how exactly does The Leadbury Clubhouse work?


The referral program allows members to become Leadbury brand ambassadors. Advocates can share a referral code to a friend to help them save $20 off their first purchase. If the friend completes a purchase for a new Leadbury bat or anything else from our store using that code, the advocate will receive 2000 points of their own to redeem for rewards at anytime. Members can refer as many friends as they would like, and both parties will receive the benefits. The friend is also encouraged to become a Leadbury Clubhouse member and become an advocate themselves.



In addition to the referral program, Leadbury Clubhouse members receive points for their brand loyalty.

              Sign-up – 200 points

              Place and order – 2 points for every $1 spent

              Follow on Instagram – 300 points

              Like on Facebook – 100 points

              Share on Facebook – 200 points

              Celebrate a birthday – 200 points

These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

              $5 off discount – 500 points

              $10 off discount – 1000 points

              Free shipping discount – 2000 points

              $25 off discount – 2500 points

              $50 off discount – 5000 points

              $100 off discount – 10,000 points

              $150 off discount –  15,000 points

              $200 off discount  –  20,000 points 


How To Sign Up:

If you already have an account with Leadbury Bat Co you do not need to sign up for the rewards program as you will be automatically enrolled and eligible to earn points. To start earning points just click on the gold and black rewards icon.

If you do not have a Leadbury Bat Co account just follow these simple steps to sign up and start earning points.

Step 1: Click the rewards icon to open up the portal.

website homepage image

Step 2: Click Join Now (if you have an account click sign in)

homepage image with smile rewards

Step 3: Create a store account (this is how we keep track of your points).

Create account page

Step 4: Once you have an account created click the rewards button again to open the portal.

account info page

Step 5: Start earning rewards by clicking "ways to earn" and see your points total add up!

rewards portal smile

Step 6: Click "All rewards" to view rewards you can redeem with your points!

redeem points smile portal

Step 7: Select which reward you want to redeem and you will be given a coupon code to use when you check out.

coupon code smile rewards

Step 8: Earn more points by sharing your unique referral link!

referral link


We encourage everyone to join The Leadbury Clubhouse. If you have any questions about becoming a member or anything else Leadbury, please contact us at See you in the clubhouse this season!