The Inside Pitch ... Jay & Dutch

The Inside Pitch with Jay and Dutch

Today From The Dugout we bring you a new segment called The Inside Pitch. The Inside Pitch will bring you in-depth customer feedback from players Leadbury has created long term relationships with, and those who have helped kick-start the Leadbury brand.

In the age of social media, it has never been easier to grow your company's reach beyond your local region. In contrast, it has never been more difficult to create genuine relationships with customers, industry influencers etc. as things can quickly become disconnected, bogged down or lost in the click-based world of social.

Jay McEvoy, aka @picklethebeast417 on Instagram, landed on our Instagram page in its early days. We hadn’t even sold a bat yet. Jay is a baseball junkie from Virginia, always sharing his thoughts on new gloves, bats, and other baseball accessories with his followers, in addition to being a husband, father and dedicated contributor to the Slam T1D baseball charity fighting Type 1 diabetes. Always keen to give a new brand a shot, Jay rang me up and we ended up talking for almost three hours about everything he knew about the baseball industry. It was as if we had known each other for years. Jay became one of Leadbury’s first customers and began putting his three new Leadburys to the test.

Our dedication to the analysis portion of our Engineered to Outperform mission includes putting our bats through rigorous lab and on field testing. The feedback generated from players of all skill levels is immediately fed back into optimizing our product. Jay was immediately impressed with his new Leadburys, and his encouragement, as well as constructive criticism of our Inaugural Series bats played an instrumental role in the development of our Elite and Pro Series bats. Jay’s Rockwell 271 Ash became his go-to throughout the 2018 season, and his good friend Dutch Whitacker (@405baseball) took a liking to the Vickers 243 Ash in Jay’s bag.

As our relationship grew in 2018, and as a result the positive engagement we had with Jay and Dutch, we immediately looked to them, among others, to test some pre-production Yellow Birch Leadburys prior to public release. When combined with our lab testing, this would allow us to make a data driven decision to determine if the addition of Birch to the Leadbury lineup was worth pursuing. Both fell in love with their respective Leadbury Birch bats and continue to introduce the brand to friends.

Jay offered this feedback after spending a few nights in the cage with his new Birch:

“Four people tried out the birch last night and preferred it over; 1) Demarini Maple Composite 2) Victus JC24 Maple 3) Louisville Slugger 271 Ash. The sound was much better than a Victus ProPact HD360 and I personally liked the swing balance, it was my go-to all night. I bring lots of bats usually, but I used that one [Leadbury 271 Birch] 90% of the time. It was very easy to get comfortable with. Most of the guys that swung it don’t “know bats”, which is good because they were compelled to try the Leadbury. I had four bats laid out and that’s the one they picked, like a dog to a treat.” He followed up by saying he will continue to use his Inaugural Series 271 Ash along with his new Leadbury 271 Birch this season and that he really enjoys being on the cutting edge of our new product development.

Dutch has been putting hundreds of swings on his Leadburys this off season,  training with his college baseball team in Oklahoma.

“Wowza this birch is nice! On the first few swings it feels lighter than the ash. I can notice the difference compared to the one I swung [last] summer. It feels a lot more ergonomic. Night and day difference in appearance and feel. Big steps in the right direction. After 300 cuts I am loving it. Ball just jumps off. A teammate of mine told me he loves the weight. The birch felt like it gave the ball an extra 5-10 feet.” Dutch said he can’t wait to get outdoors with his new bat.

Creating these relationships with the Leadbury brand is a major goal for us and will continue to contribute to our Engineered to Outperform process. In the age of online product influencers and sponsored posts many question the integrity of brand promotion on social media. Our relationship with Jay and Dutch could not be more genuine and how they both gave Leadbury a chance very early on. Be sure to check out their pages for the best content on gloves, bats and all the baseball gear you can think of. Look for future installments of The Inside Pitch, as we continue to share with you the relationships that continue to grow the Leadbury brand.

As Jay loves to say…#staygrassy